I am photographer based out of Clanton, Alabama.  It's a small town, but I like to call it home.  I married my beautiful wife in 2002 who is a Chilton county native.  We had our first child in 2011 and our second in 2012.  I love taking photos of my family.  Even if they are just snap shots.  I love the memories that are captured.  I love going through old prints and finding that one treasure that you didn't even remember you had.  One where that beloved relative, long since past, is in the background, just being who you remember them being.  


     Growing up, my family was always taking pictures.  So I grew up with prints to hold and remind me of where I came from.  I did not realize how invaluable this was until I met my wife.  She wishes that she had had more pictures taken when she was growing up.  The few pictures that she does have, she values deeply.  Some are the only recollection that she has of her grand parents.   

       What parent doesn't love to have prints of their children hanging throughout their home.  I love walking down the hall of someone elses home and just looking at the growth of their families.  From small children to high school seniors, marriage to grand children.  Looking at prints hanging in grandparents home is always the most interesting.  There are so many stories that go along with that ink and paper.


 For a while I taught, "Why print anything?  I can pull it up from my computer or the cloud any time I want!".   Well hard drives fail. Computers crash.  Cloud base services are deprecated or go out of business.  So are your photos safe on your computer?..... WELL.....NOOOO!   This is why I print.  I currently have over 18,000 pics of my family.  I'm behind, but I'm working on getting them all printed.  Also, my kids love looking at the prints.  They are too young to pull them up on the computer.  But they can pull out the box and go through them any time they want. They LOVE it!  Is there anything wrong with keeping your photos on the computer?  Of course not. It's very convenient sometimes.  But I strongly advise printing.