I am a Christian first and foremost.  I believe everything that has happened in my life has happened to draw me closer to God.  I believe that God created man to be perfect.  But, man failed.  In failing to uphold righteousness, man allowed sin to enter into the world and condemned all of us to everlasting death.   God being a just God, must exercise that condemnation.  Otherwise He would be no better than a corrupt judge in our court system.  The price for sin is death.  Someone must pay it for justice to be upheld.  That is why the Christ came down and wrapped himself in flesh.  Jesus lived the perfect life that man failed to live. So He is able to pay that price for all of mankind who believe in Him.  Unfortunately, those who do not repent and believe are still condemned to hell.  God did not leave us to wonder about who he is or how we come to trust in Him and continue trusting in Him.  God have given us his word. Penned through the hand of man but breathed by Him alone.  In fact if you are reading this you have access to it here The Bible



     I met my wife here in Chilton county.  We were married in 2002 and have been living here ever since.  We had our first child in 2011 and our second in 2012.  I have to say, having children really does change your life.  But we love it.  Now life is more of an adventure than ever.  My prayer that we can raise our children to be disciples of  Christ.  I enjoy fishing and of course taking photos.